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A Look Inside: The Speaker's House in Trappe, PA


Welcome to the Speaker's House in Trappe, PA! Tucked off a quiet side street in Trappe, this elegantly restored and beautifully furnished nineteenth-century dwelling was home to Samuel Smith Miller, Speaker of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives from 1810-1815. Find more information here.


This historic house has been carefully restored to its original, distinctive 19th-century style, from its original plank floors to art and furniture galleries. Step inside, and you'll be greeted by an impressive dining room adorned with portrait galleries, a masterful collection of priceless antiques, and a great hearth featuring an authentic Frederick stove. Read about Rambo Park - Fun for the Whole Family in Trappe, PA here.

JMS Home Remodeling -5.jpg

The house's most notable features are its grand parlor, ornate furniture, and oil paintings. On the second floor, guests can explore an inviting parlor, a full-length kitchen, a cozy bedroom, and a spacious balcony that looks out into a lush green landscape. The grand staircase, meanwhile, provides a perfect perch for enjoying the view of the outside scenery.


As you make your way through the house, you'll discover various artifacts and memorabilia that pay tribute to the legacy of Samuel Smith Miller, from old photos of Trappe to plaques commemorating his service in both the House and Senate. In addition, the house contains the original handwritten journals of Miller, provided by the Miller Family Association, which offer an extraordinary glimpse into the bygone era of Pennsylvania's politics.


Ultimately, the Speaker's House in Trappe, PA is a living testament to the life and legacy of Samuel Smith Miller. It is an inviting destination for visitors seeking to experience the beauty, history, and unique atmosphere of this remarkable dwelling.

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