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Agricultural Delight: Northern Star Farm in Trappe, PA


Northern Star Farm in Trappe, Pennsylvania, stands as a testament to the charm of agritourism. This family-friendly farm offers a delightful escape for locals and visitors alike, providing a unique blend of agricultural education and recreational activities. Learn information about Trappe, PA.

Seasonal Offerings


Throughout the year, Northern Star Farm showcases the beauty of each season. From pumpkin picking in the fall to sunflower fields in the summer, the farm offers a variety of seasonal activities that capture the essence of rural life. Discover facts about Historic Charm and Culinary Delights: The Trappe Tavern in Trappe, PA.

Trappe-Roofing-Contractor - 5.jpg

Interactive Farm Attractions


The farm boasts interactive attractions, including petting zoos and hayrides, allowing visitors to engage with farm animals and experience the picturesque landscape. Educational programs further enrich the experience, offering insights into farming practices and animal care.

Event Venue and Festivals


Northern Star Farm serves as an event venue, hosting festivals, weddings, and special occasions. Its rustic charm and scenic surroundings provide a picturesque backdrop for celebrations, creating lasting memories for those who choose the farm as their event destination.


As a haven for agricultural enthusiasts and families, Northern Star Farm welcomes all to embrace the joys of farm life in Trappe, PA.

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