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All About The Fall Festivals In Trappe, PA


As the leaves begin to turn and the air turns crisp, Trappe, PA, springs to life with activities and attractions to celebrate the fall season. Trappe, located in the heart of Montgomery County, is a lively town that takes great pride in its annual fall festivals. Look here for more about Trappe, PA.


Trappe Fall Festival and Fair

Beginning with the evening parade, locals gather in the streets to watch floats, bands, and performers make their way through the town. Following the parade is a light show put on by dancers and entertainers. Click here to read about Uncovering Delicious Restaurants To Try In Trappe, PA.

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Trappe Applefest

The Trappe Applefest is held in late September, an annual tribute to the area’s apple orchards. The streets of Trappe come alive during the festival with vendors, artisans, food trucks, and live musical entertainment.


First Annual Trappe Grounds 5k

For fitness enthusiasts looking to get a workout in the cool autumn air, Trappe also has the First Annual Trappe Grounds 5k. Participants are given a scenic tour of the town and its grounds, providing an exciting and unique experience while participating in the race.


Ghost Themed Festival

The town also puts on a ghost-themed festival to close out Trappe's collection of fall festivities. At the festival, visitors can take part in a haunted hayride throughout town, with spooky stories and surprises, and test their skills at classic carnival games with a ghostly twist.


The fall festivals in Trappe, PA, are a great way to welcome the new season. Whether you’re looking for thrilling rides, delicious treats, or just a pleasant afternoon, Trappe’s fall celebrations are the perfect way to get into the season's spirit.

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