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Northern Star Farm in Trappe, PA: A Charming Agricultural Haven


Nestled in Trappe, Pennsylvania, Northern Star Farm offers families and nature enthusiasts a delightful escape. This charming agricultural haven combines the rustic beauty of a working farm with engaging activities for visitors of all ages. Trappe, PA can be seen here. 


Seasonal Attractions


The farm's attractions vary with the seasons, providing a dynamic experience throughout the year. From pumpkin picking and hayrides in the fall to sunflower fields and farm animals in the summer, Northern Star Farm offers a range of activities that celebrate the changing seasons. Click here to read about The Trappe Tavern: A Historic Hub for Community and Cuisine.

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Educational Farm Tours


Northern Star Farm is committed to fostering an understanding of agricultural practices. The farm offers educational tours, allowing visitors to learn about sustainable farming, animal care, and the importance of agriculture in the community.


Event Venue and Celebrations


The picturesque surroundings make Northern Star Farm an ideal venue for special events. From birthday parties to weddings, the farm provides a scenic backdrop for celebrations, creating lasting memories for those who mark their milestones in this rural setting.


Community Engagement


Northern Star Farm actively engages with the local community through events, workshops, and initiatives as a community-oriented establishment. Its commitment to providing a wholesome farm experience contributes to its status as a beloved destination in Trappe, PA.

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