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Preserving History: Dewees Tavern Museum at Historic Trappe in Trappe, PA


Dewees Tavern Museum, located at Historic Trappe in Trappe, Pennsylvania, stands as a living testament to the rich history of the region. This historical landmark, originally constructed in the 18th century, has been meticulously preserved and transformed into a museum that transports visitors back in time. Trappe, PA can be seen here. 

Colonial Architecture and Artifacts


The museum showcases exquisite colonial architecture and is adorned with a collection of artifacts from the era. From period furniture to everyday items, Dewees Tavern Museum provides a glimpse into the daily lives of early American settlers. Click here to read about Nature Oasis: Water Works Park in Trappe, PA.

Trappe-Roofing-Contractor - 1.jpg

Educational Programs and Tours


Dewees Tavern Museum offers educational programs and guided tours, providing visitors with in-depth insights into the cultural and historical significance of the region. Knowledgeable guides share stories about the tavern's role in the community and its connections to the past.

Community Engagement


Dewees Tavern Museum actively engages with the community through events, lectures, and workshops as part of Historic Trappe. It serves as a focal point for preserving and sharing the collective heritage of Trappe, fostering a sense of pride and connection among locals.


Dewees Tavern Museum at Historic Trappe invites history enthusiasts and curious visitors alike to step into the past and explore the colonial heritage of Trappe, PA.

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